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Re: Wealth tax declaration - Permit B -> Full Declaration

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Are you sure you need to declare anything? You just decided to do it yourself?

I live in VD, work in GE.. B permit, over 120k, tax at source.. I asked the tax people in both GE and VD if i need to do anything and both said no.

My 5 years is nearly up though, might be changing to a C in a couple of months.. So all change then.
No, I'm not sure they will send me the full declaration stuff. I'm just assuming that because I will be >120k in income.

I'm just thinking though, if I do not declare anything again, will I not get into trouble later when I finally declare? Will they not ask 'Why didn't you pay wealth & income tax on this for the past 4 years?'

From the neuchatel tax site (but I have no idea what 'as appropriate' means... there is no stated threshold):

The people of foreign nationality and have not an establishment permit (C permit) are subject to the withholding tax on wages and income acquired as compensation for this last (unemployment or illness, accident or) disability less than 100%).

These same people have the legal obligation to declare to the tax authority, as appropriate, their wealth and income that are not subject to the withholding tax. This is particularly the case for:

Fortune and income from self-employment;

Fortune and income of bank assets (gains of lottery and other games of chance, securities, accounts, etc.);

Fortune and real estate income;

Retirement pensions;

Disability in the case of incapacity for work pension equal to 100%;

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