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Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

Yes, there you go, the word racist is bound to secure many views

But on a more serious note, I had this discussion 2 years ago at the local village Autumn fair, there was a game, called Mohrenkopfschleuderer, acurately translated "Moor head slinger" Anyway, I found this appalling, I happen to also be one of the 9 Non European descendant residents of our village, and the only one that speaks enough German to understand what the game means.
Recently I had this discussion again, with my close friend and her husband. On both occasions, I was basically told with alot of tact that I was being over sensitive. That children, dont think so far ahead, and definately do not associate the name Mohenkopf with anything negative. I ended both discussions with the fact that a long as they have never been discriminated on the colour of their skin, that is really not their place to determine how over sensitive I am. Which left a sense of uneasiness.

I do think its a racist name, especially one which children are exposed to. That is also up there with the kindergarten game' Whose afraid of the black man?' What I cant understand is, why are so many people hanging on to something so outdated and irrelevant? I cant imagine that Mohrenköpfe is part of the Swiss culture.

Naturally, a very large percentage of Swiss find nothing wrong with the name, and will always call the candy Mohrenkopf. A survey was taken by 20min, in which 10 000 people where asked if they thought the name was rascist, and only 2 percent said yes. ( i was one of the 2% )

What do you think?

Here is the article, sorry its in German.