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Re: Home Automation in Switzerland

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Ok, I don't argue, I see that I probably don't need to mess with the temperature settings. However, I do need to be able to set the heating once to a comfortable temperature, preferably with a separate thermostat for each zone (currently, some zones are too hot, and some zones without thermostats are too cold). A set of independent wifi actuators connected each to its own wireless thermostat would probably be the simplest solution, but I didn't find any online. Would you recommend anything?
I would use normal actuators and have them behind a relay board (also very likely cheaper), hook the relay board on ethernet, have some wifi thermostats, and (I have no experience with those) there are app's to control all of this. And set alarms in the app for the temperature or connection loss, you don't want in winter things to freeze over when things go down.