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Re: Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

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But isn't the Mohrenkopf an interesting thing? It allows you to teach your child so many things: That Schokokopf is not an appropriate substitute, the meaning of words, that one word can have different meanings, the change of definition of words (Mohr for the Moors to generally applied to people with darker skin than the one which was prevalent where the word was used), the Moors in Spain, the Muslim faith, evolution of words (Mohr - Neger - Schwarzer - Farbiger), the different meanings of black and colored, what black and colored means in South Africa, the Apartheid, segregation of People, how that could happen after the events of WW II, how Israel came to be, what a post card painter from Austria has to do with that, the meaning of the word brown, how chocolate is also brown, where chocolate come from, the "discovery" of America, the usage of " ", irony and sarcasm, political propaganda, political correctness.

And all just that because of a little candy warped in aluminum foil, no wait is aluminium? Here we go again...
Time and a place. The place should be school, not Migros, if an actual lesson is to be learnt.