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Re: Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

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"Aryan" itself has no negative connotation either. It is only during WWII that it became associated with (obviously presumed) racial superiority.

Mohr is a descriptive word of a dark-skinned person. Same as "black" these days (in case that is the politically correct word du jour). It is completely outdated and no one uses it anymore. But in itself it is simply not racist and doesn't imply any form of (presumed) racial inferiority either.

But I'm assuming 25 years from now we will eliminate the word "black" and all its translations from every language because it is automatically offensive, oh actually worse yet, racist.
Ask a Dravidian, They arent too impressed by the Aryans who pushed them further and further South. The Aryans who permenated a culture that white is beautiful, which still exisits in Indian society today.

You are right the term Moor, or Mohr is not racist. The problem, is not the noun, but the fact that the name is given to a dark chocolate covered fluff sweet desert. Which as Lorz has gratefully pointed out with her post

Why are dark skinned people so sensitive to these terms.....some people oversensitve? Because, we are far too often judged by our appearances. Each of us has had different experiences which has molded our sensitivity.
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