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Re: Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

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It's interesting to see that many of the ones complaining about the use of racist names in (Swiss)German language, do not seem have a problem to label all Swiss people or Switzerland as a whole in a negative way.

But hey, you can complain again - and it is not even Friday yet. Have fun.
Well this is progress of a sort, at least we have someone that admits it's racist. (yes cheap shot, sorry, I expect you slipped there )

I am Swiss by the way, so is my wife and my children. I'm also able to accept when my home country or my adopted country have done negative things in the past. It doesn't mean that the Swiss (or Brits) of today share the guilt of their ancestors. It's not right to deny any of it though, or perpetuate the idea of it, even through confectionery.