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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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That's completely unclear as well. After the vote many Remain voters said that, since the vote decided on Leave, Brexit is what should happen. So even if there was a full second vote some(many?) Leave voters may change sides due to that view alone. Add those who voted Leave but changed their mind and the outcome of a full second vote would probably be completely open.
It would be an interesting exercise to hold the referendum again, even hypothetically. There has been more unfiltered and unbiased information in the year or so SINCE the vote than BEFORE it. Both sides have been forced to concede that much of their campaigns were based on a "win at all costs" approach to the truth, and many of the campaigns' chief antagonists spouting the BS have melted into the background (with the exception of the perennially unflushable Boris).

The more you hear people talk about the changes they want post-Brexit, the more it sounds like it would have been better to simply overhaul the EU rather than leave it. Even the most ardent leave voters are adamant that trade deals and movement of people are important things to keep.
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