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Re: 1st and 2nd pillar benefits for surviving spouse with B permit

Reviving an old thread with slightly different topic. does anyone know what is the estimated pension amount per month from pillar 1 contributions for a working life of 10,20,30 or 40 years. is there a calculator that roughtly gives this information?

i know if you work less, your benefits would be less but there is no where i can find out what would be the expected payout from pillar 1 when i retire in 20 years. i wrote a letter to SVA asking for an account statement and they only sent me a letter with the salaries that i earned every year during all my previous years in Switzerland but it does not tell what these salaries mean and how much pension they can pay per month.

the expected payout from pillar 2 is somewhat clear (6.8% return per annum for every 100k in your pot). also, the pension statement sent from the company every January also clearly states the expected pension amount at normal retirement age.

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