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Re: Are you using Twint?

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Itís a contactless payment system that many Swiss shops have, but it cannot be used outside Switzerland.

It avoids having to enter a pin and uses a smart phone rather than a card.

However it is limited to transactions under CHF 40 - or it never worked for me above this.

Quite why this is better than a contactless card, I donít know...
We started using it recently because we got a voucher as a sort of incentive

It's surprisingly useful, from what we've seen. I'm not sure the limit is set as low as CHF 40 as we've been able to pay for stuff at higher costs.

You can also transfer cash to other people's accounts if you need to, which is also has its uses if you owe someone for tickets or a round of drinks. They don't need to be Twint users.

Don't know if we'll continue to use it more than occasionally once the novelty has worn off but so far it seems OK.
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