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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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And Boeing won't ever, ever, think to force the imposition of similar tarrifs on aviation parts produced in the UK, would it... they're just a bunch of nice guys

At the moment the US does import Airbuses, with parts produced in the UK without Boeing raising similar issues (don't think they haven't tried)
Boeing would never ask the US to impose tariffs on aviation parts that may end up affecting their supply chain. Also, the UK doesn't export airliners.

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But Canada and US have a trade deal (NAFTA), yet they still imposed extra tarifs

The reason for this was/is that
- Bombardier benefited from state subsidies
- They didn't cooperate with the investigation
- Boeing was up to get their a..

In EU state subsidies to industries are highly regulated, what do you think the situation in the UK regarding state subsidies will be post Brexit? Just read previous posts...
Boeing also receive state subsidies, just not so discretely and through that big black hole known as "defence".

The bottom line is that this is protectionist bullshit. The very same type that the EU is also guilty of. It's also only one example.
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