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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

So, would being part of a big union be a good thing or a bad thing then? If the US becomes ever more protectionist and the EU become (or are, according to you) protectionist, what will become of a country outwith both protectionist groups?

My hunch is we won't be able to sell to either without heavy tariffs. Brexiteers think we'll be able to sell to both freely, because Britain.
I'm against protectionism full stop. However I'm also not naive enough to believe that once the UK leaves the EU that protectionism will end. And I'd have been able to stomach remaining a member of the EU if they hadn't started up with all this fiscal, political, federalist bullshit. Protectionism isn't going away which is why there will be a need for trade deals to be struck. And despite what you can read in the Guardian, the UK is still the worlds fifth largest economy, and there will be a lot of countries that want to do trade with the UK for this reason, including the EU and the US.
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