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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

I doubt that is EU specific, but a nice anti-EU graphic, no doubt.

I think if you separate the traditional powerhouses out there, you'd find a similar trend to the EU, with the new boys on the block, China, India, etc massively outperforming the rest for the past 40 years.
Why is that an anti-EU graphic really?

First of all, the graphic is misleading as it tricks you into seeing the green bit bigger in comparison to the blue bit. If you look carefully you will see that the RATIO between world output and EU output does not really change that much. Yes, the world (a.k.a 7 billion) is producing more than EU (500million), but the EU is still producing more per capita than the ROW.

And even if ROW output per capita is growing faster than EU, as a producer, that would only tell me that the ROW is heading towards overproduction and price dumping, which would discourage me to go to ROW rather than EU.

Someone mentioned before, half or more of that green bar is China. Good luck selling anything into China (or elsewhere) at prices you could sell into EU, when China is stacked to the roof with whatever you may ever think to produce, and when they'll steal in a minute whatever you may come up with, and make it three times faster and three times cheaper than the UK will ever be able to...
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