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Re: Lower salaries for over-50s

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Ouch my eyes are sore.

The guy from Warsaw (or the girl, for what it matters), already have very decent opportunities, offering good educational and professional opportunities. The one I know are in their own society, and starting in Europe (something which has nothing to do with Switzerland) are in much better position than the 110K CHF salary earner in Switzerland, in terms of prospect, property access, etc...
That is a bit risky and innapropriate to assume something along* that this outsourcing allowed to educate the poor third world country ignorants.

*i'm trying to barely remain vague, on purpose, not to make a clear accusation
I didn't follow you on that. So, should outsourcing be banned and thus the job is generates in Poland be eliminated? Isn't less people in the world become better off?

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As for the climbing the ladder, in numerous companies the only opportunity a great engineer has, is to switch to managerial line simply because that's the only one with more steps in the ladder. Companies like google, don't have that,as they have advanced roles like "google fellow" (admitingly hard to get and demanding lot, same as for Vice President, etc...). These people have years of practical experience of the job and can bring a lot, something denied by the managers firing them and taking cheaper.
Well, unfortunately not all companies act in a sector where margins are very high and there is an abundance money to experiment. A guy who is extremely experienced in COBOL has no value if there isn't a market for it. If a recent graduate produce the same stuff, earning 80k, as a 50-year old earning 120k, why it is problem to take the "cheaper" guy?
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