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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I think he could end up being the Tory's equivalent of Corbyn. A cult following, crystal clear and admirable views, but no real outreach to middle ground voters and no credible street level perspective.

As such it would be a mistake to make him a leader. However, as somebody to have around to stir things up and challenge people's views and kick start ideas he is quite useful. If the Torys are smart, that's where they'll keep him.

As Labour should have done with Corbyn.
A little desperate. I think you might be attempting to equate the ridiculousness of Mogg with the Tory/Mass Media perception of Corbyn pre-election.

The fact is in the mean time, Tory stock has fallen massively and Labour's has risen. If there were an election tomorrow, the UK would end up with a Corbyn government, by any measure of polling doubt.

Having him crowing from the sidelines (with Boris et al joining in) is only weakining the Tory hand, so they have to do something, but Mogg can't be the answer, I agree...I'm just not sure who can be for them.
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