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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

I've been clear on my reasons for voting Leave right from the moment I made that choice.

No pivoting here.
To be fair, it's clear that lots of people did their homework and voted leave for reasons they based on reading extensive material about the EU, and its nuts and bolts BUT the leave campaign didn't contain much of this, preferring instead to beam the spotlight on the money for the NHS and the immigration situation because it pushed the right buttons with the voting public.

Having been back and forth to the UK before and after the referendum I heard a lot more "there's just too many [insert nationality] here - we need to take control so we can keep them out" or "All that money we save from the EU can be poured into the NHS" or "At least we'll be able to buy a vacuum cleaner that sucks / lightbulbs which don't take forever to brighten up!"

Only once did I hear from a guy who had delved into the actual administration, cheques and balances, as well as the structure of the EU. He came up with a lot of impressive 'fair enough' type balanced reasoning for voting leave.

Now he's moved to Montpelier...

The tragedy is that people shouldn't have basically had to turn detective ploughing through reams and reams of information, internet links and other roundabout ways to get to the nitty gritty of what leaving the EU means in reality, it's likely costs and the realistic time frame. All of that information should have been included in the campaigns. Maybe broken down into bite-size paragraphs and bullet points but not much of that was made available nor even publicised.
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