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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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And how exactly would this get approved? There is no provision for anything like this short of a treaty change. That is the problem with all of these kind of hairy fairy solutions, they have no grounding in what is actually achievable!
Brexit: Donald Tusk 'keeping door open' for Britain to stay in EU despite talks

'Dreamer' Donald Tusk Says Brexit Could Be Reversed

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In the even of the U.K. walking away there is not much that can be done beyond this.. And peace is not nearly as fragile as many republicans would have you believe. They know very well the days of the rifle and the ballot box is gone, I have not heard of a young fella signing up in years nor a training camp etc..
I agree with you in that I don't see a high risk of anything flaring up again in Norn Iron, times have moved on. I also don't think the EU consider it a serious risk, they're only making an issue of it to take the moral high ground.

The point is that the EU have constantly reiterated that they consider citizens rights, the Irish border and the financial settlement as the most important issues that need resolving before moving on with talks. But do they really consider them that important? We'd soon find out if the UK played the take-away close.

(I don't even believe they're that bothered about citizens rights, they know that the political situation in the UK together with UK law virtually guarantees the same rights that they enjoy today)
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