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Re: Incident during our absence

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Also to add. My personal opinion is that in such situations, it should be perfectly legal to beat the shit out of your kids in these situations. No need to break bones, but yeah, it should take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to disappear.
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Nor would it be a good idea if he were 2. Or 12.

I think it is appropriate to be angry, and to state that. And to require that the young man takes responsibility for his actions. However, I agree with 3Wishes. I don't believe that perpetrating violence is likely to be a helpful strategy to move the young man to the next phase of responsible adulthood.
Even though I was very tempted to bit a living shit out of the lad, my inner soul adviced me not do do so. I’m actually calm in such situations and in control of my emotions. I also don’t wanna perpetrate violence and hatred. All it boils down to giving a life lesson in an intelligent and clever way, so that the youth will have to take it very seriously showing some sort of emotions. I’m pro army training to teach the lad discipline and not to take things for granted in life.

I don’t wanna have the guy living off social benefits either and servitude. He has to learn hard way, that means he has to work hard for his money and experience hardship in life to be able to understand the value of work and respect for public and private property.

The education will start from Monday onwards and he will be watched very closely every move he makes until full maturity will have been reached. We are sick and tired of his attitude to life. As parents, so determined we are, we take no shit anymore in this respect! Enough is enough.
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