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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

Except that I donít really believe you can arrive in the US penniless, work hard and succeed as a rule. For one thing, unless you arrive as a refugee or asylum seeker, youíre not going to get in without resources, support. For legal immigration you are not going to get in without quite a few pennies and usually someone to sponsor you.

So itís a nice romantic story and all, but itís just that.....a story. More American exceptionalism. Now refugees and asylum seekers might do ok, but they are usually supported by a community or group.
A fair point, edot. I was more thinking of the families I grew up with, some of them very poor and struggling to put food on the table, yet those kids grew up, got jobs to put themselves through school, and are now quite successful.

You are right that if someone showed up visa-less and penniless it would be tough. However at least in the U.S., people can get simple, unskilled jobs even without English skills and start working their way up. In Switzerland (it seems) one needs at least basic German/French/Italian and at least a Beruf certificate or better yet a Master's degree!

with such a tiny majority, 52 to 48 - any loss can be fatal to Trump- many others are beginning to feel the same- it would not take much.
Flake's decision not to run again gives Democrats a real shot at another seat in the Senate at the midterms. However the House is likely to stay Republican, thanks to gerrymandering making many more safe districts for Rs than for Ds.

View Post all fairness, I don't know anyone who didn't find what they were looking for there. They still miss that European "vibe" though, all are nostalgic in some ways, still educate their children old school style - good grades and school achievements, respect for the parents, curfew hours, not much parental "liberalism" lol. School is school, kids must respect their parents etc. Maybe their children will be the American liberals of tomorrow, who knows.
That's also my (obviously biased) perspective. We see many stories on EF of people with excellent language skills and qualifications that can't even get a job stocking shelves at Migros. Those same folks would at least be able to scrabble together a few restaurant jobs in the U.S. to make a living.
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