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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

A very moving letter from Robert Peston to his dead father - WHAT THE DO WE DO NOW?

What the *uck indeed. :


And an interesting reply from a friend:

'It's easy to agree with Robert Peston about how we've arrived at this impossible juncture in our country's history. Many people felt left out and voiceless as both the Tories and Labour changed Britain over decades from a country which made things to one which sold financial products and kept filling the countryside with warehouses full of imported goods. Yes we have near full employment but so much of it is low paid, insecure and low skilled work.
Our education system has educated many more to go to university only for them to find that there are too few jobs requiring their degree skills.
Our society wasn't necessarily disintegrating but rather losing hope that things will ever improve after a decade of austerity measures to correct a banking crisis not of it's making.
Young people are losing hope that they will ever be as well off or even own their own homes as their parents had, and older people are finding that the ever deceasing social services and care home system has little time for them.
Was any of this as a result of us being in the EU? No of course it wasn't.
But those privileged individuals who want to reduce taxes and keep their tax avoidance schemes knew they could only do this if they could persuade people that everything was the EU's fault, and that we had to leave.
Of course they didn't want people to realise that the country as a whole would be far worse off outside the EU, therefore any reasoned augment pointing this out was instantly dismissed as 'Project Fear'. That appeared gave them the moral high ground to their believers, despite the fact that it was totally disingenuous.
The right-wing newspapers were very happy to help drag us out of our lifeboat called the EU because they too wanted a low tax, low benefit economy.
So the genuine grievances that many people have regarding their circumstances made it easy for the leave campaigners such as Farage, Gove etc. to, through slight of hand, pin the blame on foreigners and the EU. People wanted answers and these people told them they had one. What they didn't say of course was that the cure would make them all far worse off in the long run. That wouldn't have won votes.
So as we stand on the precipice what can be done to stop us falling over it?
Is it possible that people who were misled by the false promises will see what has been done to them before it's too late? I really hope so,'
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