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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

From SkyNews: The Government has lost an opposition vote calling on it to publish impact assessments of Brexit on more than 50 key industries.

There was no official division as only Labour MPs backed it and no Conservative MPs objected.

Speaker John Bercow said he "expects" the Government to respect the decision - despite confusion over whether the result is binding.

Opposition Day debate motions are traditionally non-binding, but Labour had tabled a special "Humble Address" motion.

It is a centuries-old and infrequently used procedure that asks the Queen directly to request documents from the Government.

Mr Bercow had only advised: "Motions of this kind have in the past been seen as effective or binding."

He warned ministers could be in "contempt" of Parliament if they ignore the call.

Amazingly and very worryingly- absolutely nothing, zilch, zero - on BBC News at 10 tonight. The power of the GVT re gagging the BBC borders on dictatorship. It was well covered by ITV news.

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