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I think you can register as a job seeker and get a temporary residence permit (at the Gemeinde, or town hall where you currently reside of course) but it won't be of much help. It can last maximum 6 months as far as I know. You need a work permit even for McDonalds or a cleaning company, and you will not get it since it's a low-skilled job.
You are allowed to work in any of the EU countries, why here where it's the most difficult....
Anyway, as a designer or a photographer, what is your portfolio, did you contact any company? If you find a company that is willing to hire you, they will have to apply for a work permit on your behalf. Do you have any certificate to attest your language proficiency at a teaching level? Or, do you hold any certificate that can recommend you to work as a trainer or tutor in any of those things you are passionate about? That could be an alternative.
EU-2 has restricted access on the Swiss labour market, so even if you do find something, there are big chances the respective company can't get a work permit for you.
Sorry to put it so bluntly.
Good luck anyway.
Thank you for this reply.
No, I didn't contact It's all about How-to-make it-the-better-way to be-hired-by-having-a-permit.

Can you tell me how exactly should I google to find an adress in Bern or Geneve and to check the rules on their web-site --- at the Gemeinde, or town hall

You are allowed to work in any of the EU countries, why here where it's the most difficult.... Actually (laughing) I was sure that after Switzerland all the other lands will be easy for me)))))))))) Like a training in a life))))))))

But , listen, if I am a citizen of Poland - do I need a working permit or I can just START to work in the company? As a citizen of Poland.

Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to read you.

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LOL, wow you did? Be careful, it's under my copyright so do not use it anywhere (as I use it everywhere, not only here)!

As to your work-problem here I can't help at all. I checked what your problem is exactly and admit, it must feel depressing being an EU-member yet not get treated as such. (It's kind of a double negative. LOL, sorry, my anti-EU-attitude sometimes shines through).

But you live in Bern. How are you able to do that then? You're rich?
Definately, I will use it in a future to look at and remind myself how sunny this forum is. If it's under your copyright (I'm serious now) - do you draw it via hand? =]

Yeah, thank you for understanding my feelings.
You are saying Anti - Eu like you are somewhere from Asia)))

It's not that expensive, especially with my habit to cook home. If I'd be rich , I'll just buy a house onto the mountain and wake up in the 5:00 AM and posting here a photos of a landscapes

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