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Mwst and admin fee on parcels.

Hey all, I would like to take your views on two issues.

1. I live in Switzerland. My sister located outside Switzerland (in India) ordered eyeglasses for me. The company sent the glasses through DHL and I picked them up from a pick up point. I didnt know what i have received, until after opening it. Now, few days after it, I have received a bill from DHL for CHF 27.30 (MWST 5.30 CHF + provision pour avance de fonds (provision for cash advance) 3 CHF + frais de gestation de compte (account gestation fees)19 CHF). The value of package is 66 CHF.

Now, what to do regarding this bill. MWST is fine and I am ready to pay it , but what about these extra 22 CHF. If i have known there are extra charges, I might not have taken the package. I am ready to send back the package, if its still an option. Also, since i had not ordered from DHL, how can they ask me to pay for it.

2. I order a jacket from a seller on . Package plus posting is GBP 23.81 equivalent to CHF 31. Now , I have got a letter from die post , asking for a copy of bill. I guess either the seller forgot to attach the bill or they believe GBP 23.81 is too low a value for jacket. What should i do in such a case. I do not want to pay any extra fee. Please guide.

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