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Re: Near, but not too much

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At a thrash metal concert (or similar), there is an area at the front of the unseated part of the concert hall which, by unspoken convention, is reserved for "moshing". This is a kind of physical activity which involves (depending upon the nature of the music and the geographical location) either jumping about with your arms crossed in a defensive position, or jumping about with your fists flailing. There is a lot of physical contact, plenty of hair and swear flying about, and the occasional broken bone or dislodged jaw.

Despite the apparent violence of the activity, there is generally an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration, demonstrated by the way that anyone who falls over during a mosh is immediately lifted back up by his/her neighbours.

The activity became popular at thrash metal concerts during the mid to late eighties and continues to occur to this day.

Here is an old-timey song about it: (the signal to begin moshing begins at about the three minute mark).
Not fully correct imho.

It originated from Punks doing a pogo to moshing at Punkrock concerts before Trash came out of the garageboxes, and in the beginning of metal was much more and more brutal practiced at Death and Grindcore concerts. And there are not just two styles, there are as much styles as you can think of.

Greets from someone who

- Tor his knee muscles at Dark Angel
- Broke his nose at BoltThrower
- Went unconsciousness during Napalm Death and Disabuse
- Needed a bunch of stitches after Carcass
- Broke an arm during Dynamo open air.
- Lost a few nipple and facial piercings and teeth along the road
- Countless blue, green and purple spots, and walking like an old man days after.

I have been in hundreds of pits throughout the last decades, and would love to do it again, but my condition and age don't allow it anymore, last time was 2 years ago and after 10 minutes people could see my heart pounding through my shirt, I decided that those days are over. Also pits now are much less fun than in the 80's if in the eighties somebody with spikes on his arms would not keep his arms down and hit somebody we'd just mangle the guy and he had to leave with a broken arm or leg, nowadays it seems to be much more a sport on how many eyes one can close with the fists. I mostly loved grindcore pits, still to me a more intelligent and less focused on spikes and al that shit than the average Trash & speed audience, (and less muscles then hardcore),

The good old days.
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