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Re: Paternity Leave

Thread revived because of this news that they want to spend 8 Milliard on jets just in case Switzerland was invaded in 30 years time.And not one frank will they give out for paternal leave.
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I think paternity leave, or more to the point the lack thereof in Switzerland, is a serious issue. It was, when this thread was opened, ten years ago.

Now, ten or so years down the line, Dougal's Breakfast's employer (nor, indeed, the laws of this country) did not protect his children's rights, nor his, when his children were born. That's a sorry state of affairs, especially for a first-world country with high standards in many other areas of life.

Omtatsat revived this thread and, in my opinion, there is nothing remotely wrong with his having done so. Moreover, though as I see it many other aspects of life in Switzerland function remarkably well, I agree with Omtatsat that this particular topic is still one of the strangely shortsighted and sad gaps in the Swiss network of laws which, in other ways, do provide security.

Newcomers to Switzerland, to this forum, or to parenthood in Switzerland (after all, the lack of paternity leave negatively affects the mothers, too) might well have questions about this, especially if they have arrived from a country in which the laws were more equitable.
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