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Now, ten or so years down the line, Dougal's Breakfast's employer (nor, indeed, the laws of this country) did not protect his children's rights, nor his, when his children were born. That's a sorry state of affairs, especially for a first-world country with high standards in many other areas of life.
On what planet do you live on where it is a "Right" for both parents to stay at home and play happy families while someone else foots the bill? Switzerland has a high quality of life exactly because it doesn't fritter away cash on ridiculous notions like this.

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Thread revived because of this news that they want to spend 8 Milliard on jets just in case Switzerland was invaded in 30 years time.And not one frank will they give out for paternal leave.
If you don't like it why don't you leave and go and live in Sweden instead. Burn your passport on route and say you're Syrian and I'm sure they'll let you stay. You'll soon learn that having a generous welfare system invites an invasion of a very different kind.
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