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Re: Paternity Leave

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But the children of our generation were obviously (from what one sees today) brought up in a more solid and healthier environment than is offered by today's fathers hanging around for six weeks per child.

Seriously, WHAT?

This absurd generalisation that doesn't even try to find at least one pillar to stand on, is so... empty... it just left logic on the review mirror.

Some children from "my" generation got to grow up in fascist/ socialist repressive regimes who were very very far from being "healthier".

Some children from "my" generation had to face the major economical decline of the end 80's beginning 90's which devastated many world countries, from which they have never recovered, leading the sole bread winner out of a job, which lead their well off medium class family sink into borderline poverty, which is usually never healthy on anyone.

Smart phones and adult/children addiction to it is a modern problem which will eventually evolve and transform. There is already a movement from young people, usually put in the negative "millennial" tag to get away from that obsession.

Children from "my" generation had to deal with a whole shit load of terrorism - be it the IRA or the ETA. The only thing that changed is the face of the enemy.

Children of "my" generation, when born out of wedlock, were still put away from sight so no one would have to face the shame of a woman having had sex without being properly married. And not every guy was shotgunned into a wedding to make her "a proper woman".

Female children before mine were actually forbidden to attend university, and could look no further than 2 options: become mothers or old hags that are shunned from society.

Are there bad things going on right now? Sure. But let's not paint the past with nostalgic pink paint, because that is just pure nonsense. Gross generalisations are very dangerous and very pointless things.

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