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It would be nice to keep the discussion civil

Switzerland is widely recognised as being behind the times for gender equality. Here`s just one source

Paternal and paternity leave are important for many reasons. Here are just two

1. Helping fathers bond with their children
2. creating a more equitable society - this one is mega important not just because it`s the right thing to do, but because it doesn`t make sense to give girls education and then not give them a way to work and pay it back to society.

It`s in society`s interests to have women in the workforce. One very important part of that is enabling fathers to take a bigger role in their children`s lives.

Check this out for what some other countries are doing

It`s not a question of funding both parents to stay at home indefinitely, but of funding some weeks of parental leave.
1. Bonding is a myth. The first few weeks of a baby's life consists of them shitting, sleeping and eating. Whilst a mother may feel a bond, a father can only attend to their needs. The bonding comes much later.
2. "Creating a more equitable society". The problem with this is that it flies in the face of nature. And you shouldn't argue with nature, because you won't win. We can play these role reversal games, but until we solve the problem of men being able to get pregnant, and men being able to breastfeed, the equitable society utopia will never be achieved.
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