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I believe in an equitable society, however I also see the realities of nature. We're homo sapiens, and it's hard wired into our make up that men are providers and women care for children. It has been this way since the dawn of time, and it's worked too. Were we emperor penguins the roles would be somewhat reversed.

That's not to say that women can't be successful and have careers, women should absolutely be given equal opportunities in education and the work place. However the reality is that only women can get pregnant and have children, and let's remember, at the end having children is a choice.
Doesn't stack up, I'm afraid.

We can't be "hard wired" when it suits one argument and not another. Humans are "hard wired" to reproduce no matter what. All species are similar in that, in order that they don't die out and have sufficient numbers to keep them safe and the gene pool healthy.

How can you assume that the hard wiring to reproduce suddenly became "a choice" when the hard wiring for the man to go out with a club or bow and arrow somehow remains unchanged?
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