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Getting back to the idea of paternity leave, it's something that's always surprised me that men would want. I'd always have thought that the last thing a new father would want would be to be stuck at home with the baby, and would probably be more than happy to work longer hours to avoid it.

You can tell I'm not a parent, can't you?
For many reasons we made the decision after 2 months that I would be a stay at home dad, and I'm loving it. And being stuck at home is a choice, it is really not that hard to bring a baby along and enjoy a nice bratwurst and a beer with a friend on top of Eutliberg, only difference is that instead of the downhill mtb path I now walk down.

Also in the beginning when we both were at home I'd be the one staying up till my wife woke up naturally around 7 or 8 in the morning, since due to the kid being almost 5KG at birth and her only being 1.57 gave so much complications to her body that she really needed the rest and by doing it like this would not be disturbed by me getting in and out of bed a bunch of times during the night, and thus would need longer recovery due to the lack of proper sleep.
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