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Re: Paternity Leave

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No, an alternative would be whichever parent is best (or feels best) suited to care for the very young children while the other parent works. Or both parents can go to part time working so one or the other can be with the children.

I've just mentally gone through a list of about 20 families I know, some closely, others in the neighbourhood or friends of friends or other social and professional contexts, in Switzerland, with children aged under 18.

I found only two families in which one parent works full-time as the breadwinner and the other is a full-time stay-at-home parent. In both cases the breadwinner father is far more qualified than his wife and she could never earn as much as he does.

All the other parents who came to mind, whether they are single parents or in a partnership with the children's other parent, or in a new patchwork constellation, work part-time in order that they can be active in caring for the children part-time, too.

Their professions are across the full range: unqualified, unemployed, and/or ill, through partially skilled, all the levels of education up to doctorates, top level executives and the self-employed.

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Unfortunately, both require a major rethinking of what we call "family life" and obviously employers would be pretty pissed off as well to have an employer unavailable for 3-4 years cause they're looking after their kids full time or only available on a part time basis.
I think that this "major rethinking" has already taken place. Employers seem to be dealing with it, since it is what thes๊ parents are already doing, in practice.

Admittedly, I don't know anyone pursuing a sandwich model of "3 to 4 years" employed, then "3 to 4 years" at home with the children, then back to the employer for a few years, etc. I agree that that could be annoying for an employer.
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