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No I know, but here's the logic in Swiss German - again, not my words:
Maternity leave = Urlaub
Urlaub in Swiss German = Ferien
Ferien = vacation

Ergo: maternity leave = vacation.

I've heard (and read) it a few times, statements along the lines of "well if the mother gets to go on a paid vacation (Ferien) for 3.5 months, so should the father". So apparently looking after a new baby is equal to sitting on the beach, cocktail in hand - in the heads of some people.

Again, anecdotal, it's certainly not the majority that thinks this way.
Those people are just dumb, Urlaub has different meanings, and one of them is Leave and that is how the word is ment when used for maternity/paternity leave, and that has nothing to do with holiday.

The Dutch have the same logic in the language for this as the Germans, and really I've only come across dumb people insisting on giving the word the wrong meaning.

You make the fault here of referring to Ferien, while when it comes to a labour relationship the word means that there is an allowance/permission to not having to work during a certain period. Ferien is another totally different meaning of the word.
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