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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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"unaccepting" is not in the dictionary is because it's the gerund form of a non-existent modified verb.
In plain English, there is no word "unaccept", therefore you cannot be in the present tense doing the action of "unaccept".
Accept IS a verb, so you can be in the present tense accepting something. You cannot be in the present tense unaccepting something.

If I was American I would be somewhat worried by these old people in key positions who seem to be losing key faculties!

Trump is 71 and has difficulty creating simple grammatical sentences.
Jeff Sessions is 70 and has admitted serious memory failures

In addition to the above we have Trump pique because some people failed to give him the degree of admiration and recognition he was expecting.
He's the prez. He can make up new words every day.


I recently saw a debate on SRF ( about "Trump - one year later".

I rarely watch TV these days, but I was at my parent's place and they actually have a TV...

So, the guy from the BaZ said something interesting that fits right into this context.
Basically, his voters despise the way "intellectuals" from the large cities (Which incidentally are also the only stable Democrat voter bases left) are looking down on people from the rural areas (or generally less-educated people).
The guy also said that the more people point out syntactical or grammatical errors like those, the more his voters sympathize with him.

I found this analysis fascinating - after all, the divide between cities and villages is also quite visible in Switzerland. Think of the "Zweitwohnungsinitiative" that got approved everywhere - except in those places that were (supposedly or not) part of the problem.

Doesn't change the fact that he could help himself a lot by cutting down on the tweets...

But people who complain about Trump should keep in mind that he was probably the lesser evil of what could have happened if that angry voter-base that has been known to exist for 20 years was still looking for a vent....
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