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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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As the Republicans in the US are demonstrating that despite their Congress majority and a Republican President politicians rarely have the skills needed to actually get things done!

For example, a list of key political skills;
Writing and Research Skills. ...
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. ...
Knowledge of Social Media. ...
Understanding Your Audience. ...
Crisis Management and Problem Solving.

This is why many people thought that Trump as a business man would be someone who could actually make positive changes.

Consequently it is no surprise that UK politicians in the Brexit negotiations are failing; maybe they should have given lead roles in these Brexit negotiations to the Civil Service?
If you care to look at the text of the Investigatory Powers Act *, you will see what a mess they have made of it. I've read quite a few pieces of legislation in my time (mainly to do with general business and taxation) but never come across anything so complicated to read. Perhaps that's the intention.

* See Can GCHQ order techies to work as govt snoops? Experts fear: 'Yes' and the linked Act Section 190 for an example.

I really do wonder if we are seeing the end result of the dropping of the Classics in education here.
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