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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Stop trying to move the goal posts again, GDP ranking is irrelevant.

My map proves the EU has agreements with over 80 countries so your claim the EU cannot negotiate is disproved.
GDP ranking is irrelevant? LOL, you can't be that thick, surely? I'll make it simple for you. Let's say marton comes up with a super new recipe for marmalade. We'll call it marton's marvelous marmalade. Now you want to sell your marmalade so look for places where you can shift it. You start at your local convenience store, where the owner Volkan shrugs and says, "why not", he's just happy for the extra business. In fact, he says his brother Murat who has a store in the next village can also stock it. Furthermore, you also convince some farmers markets to sell your marvelous marmalade as well as the local petrol station. Good for you. You've negotiated all those deals.

Now with confidence you want to branch out, you go to Coop, Migros, Aldi, Globus and Jelmoli. But they all tell you to get to cock off. But you're marton, you don't worry, you've negotiated all those deals. Murat flogs a couple of jars here, the farmers market a few more there. The number of sold is irrelevant. That you can stock your marmalade in all these different places shows how good you are at negotiation.

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Let see how well Switzerland is doing. Hmm EU, Japan, Canada, and even China. Not bad.
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Beat me to it. If marton thinks the EU is good at negotiating trade deals, then Switzerland are on the 10th Dan.
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