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Re: KFC in Switzerland?

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What the hell sort of a terrible tourist comes to Switzerland to eat KFC? And if they are the type who'd do that then I doubt they'll be carefully studying the website beforehand, more likely they'll just waddle on in spontaneously.
Ok I am a terrible tourist and have searched KFC since 1978 when I was in LA. Eaten it all over the world and searched it out before internet existed.
Namibia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand (the best). It is a hobby for me. Blackpool, Munich, Singen, Mulhouse, Frankfurt, flying to Luton airport for a bucket when my wife was ill in hospital (also a kfc addict) Australia and even India. Never consistant like Mc Donalds - this is why I like it.
I even remember sharing a bucket in Japan (after a visit to the hospital).
So to answer your question. The first thing I do when I go to a new place after booking it is to google "kfc place name in english". I am sure that I am not alone.
When I was in the Geneva place on Tuesday - 30% of the customers and service people were speaking some variant of english. Ok it was the opening day.
The floodgates are open - enjoy the chicken. Maybe they can make fondue variant?
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