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No, because you don't get to choose which public school your children go to. It's usually the school nearest to where you live so if you want German then you need to live in a German speaking part of the city: Schoenberg, Tafers, Dudingen, etc. Mostly east, southeast and northeast of the city is German; west, northwest and southwest is French speaking. But it depends on the commune/gemeinde itself so check their websites to see what language they're in.!4d7.1619719

Kids will also learn French anyway as their second/third language at school.
This is not our experience living in the bilingual town of Biel/Bienne.

Families are absolutely able to choose whether they want to have their kids put in French or German schools. The school will then normally be the closest of the language of their choice.

Keep in mind that once you have selected a language you need to continue that route. Our kids attend French-speaking schools and we speak High German at home. This was our choice.
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