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Re: Using foreign mobile phone in Switzerland?

I used MagicSIM for a while (dual SIM chips).

Here is why I use multiple phones instead of a single phone. If someone is calling, I must know what number they will call. People in the US, call on the US number. My german friends call on German number. Swiss on Swiss number. With swapping sims (which is what a dual SIM phone does) you loose all SMS when swapping SIMs. You only have the active phone line available.

If a person is cleaver, they buy phones that use USB so three phones dont take any more chargers than one phone.

Yes, it is true that with bluetooth, that only one device is active at a time. However, how the bluetooth works in my car is each device is given a priorty number 1-7). If a call comes in on device 1, then it overides devices 2 through 6. So the car can have 7 active blue tooth devices, it just priortizes which one to connect with.

Basically, with US phones, they are close to free. The phone companies all give upgrades. I actually have phones laying around I dont use anymore. Due to pricing, I will be buying a blackberry tomorrow to replace my smart phone. The smart phone is unlocked and will be swapped to the swiss SIM (which is on a Razr).

When international roaming (I am keeping my US number since my job invloves significant travel to the US) for $20 a month, there is unlimited blackberry email in Europe. A smart phone pays data roaming fees (expensive).

And, the blackberries use normal headphones instead of USB headphones. This is a big plus when listening to music on an airplane.

So, I like have the three phones because they are all active.

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