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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Then you would imagine wrongly.

Firstly, blaming the over 55 group for brexit based upon a guess at best. We know the voter turn out, but not how each demographic actually voted. There is absolutely no way of knowing that for certain. I know very few leave voters, but they're all in the 30-45 age group.

My experience during Grexit was that the only anti-EU voters I encountered were from the 35-55 group. Right to the wire, I didn't know exactly how that vote would go, but walking around the Athens on the day before the referendum gave me a clear indication that 'Oxi' was getting a lot more public support than 'Nai', with the EPON stand in Syntagma Square having a steady stream of visitors.

The only Nai voters we met were on Aegina. Everyone we met in Crete was strongly Oxi, plus all our family and friends in Athens voted Oxi. Even so, there was a split in the Oxi camp. The youth vote was a rejection of Golden Dawn and vision of a future within the EU, whereas the older vote (in our family at least) was more geared towards the military protection of being part of the EU.
Funny thing about that vote though is they made such a big thing about holding it, only for Tsipras to completely ignore the result.
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