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Re: Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should the Swiss bend the knee?

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You have to pay for the right of Swiss companies to exploit Eastern Europe like German, Dutch and Danish companies do.
LOL. Let's say the billion would really go all to the Eastern EU-members (which it will not, wanna bet?) will they be able to do buiness with Switzerland for a billion plus profit margin? (Without profit margin it would just be an interest-free loan - yep, still better than what it is now).

However, as I said, that billion is not what bothers me. (A good way to get rid off all those Euros the SNB is sitting on?)

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You should get out of your High Swiss Castle from time to time and see that not all of the EU is f***ed, there are several countries with great strong economies.
Funny, if someone doesn't want to join someone else he/she is on a high horse. (It's horse by the way, not castle )

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Are you afraid that Switzerland would end up like Greece or Bulgaria?
I believe Switzerland would end up like Austria or the Netherlands.
I feel a bit like trying to be forced into marriage. Not afraid of anything, just don't want to marry "the guy", okay?

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Anyway, from my own personal point of view, the reasons why we want to force Switzerland to decide either a clear YES (in the EEA) or a clear NO (no Bilaterals, no nothing) are 2:....................
Ah! You see, that option EEA is no longer there. We ruined that big time in 1992. And that was Blocher. I lived in St. Gallen at that time and watched him being very active there - against EWR. It was devastating. We wouldn't have the problems we have now had we said yes to EWR back then. And many of us knew that then. In fact, if 23836 people (okay, 23837) would have been on holidays that day, everything would be different today.
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