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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Now, perhaps you can explain how Poland leaving the EU would do a favour to who exactly, rather than merely repeating your comment. It requires expansion to have any meaning.
Poland has benefited massively from joining the EU because it is the biggest Eastern European country outside the Eurozone, which means that it is the first destination for low-cost jobs.
For example the multinational American corporation for which I was working in Geneva 9 years ago moved all mid-level positions to Poland, keeping in Geneva only the top management and some interns. More recent example, Poland is expected to receive the biggest number of mid-level banking jobs moving out of the UK to the EU. The top jobs will transfer to Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Dublin, but the mid-level positions will move to Poland.

Therefore one would expect Poland to be happy to be in this union, instead what we get is a Euro-phobic government whose narrative is that they have brought growth in Poland despite the EU, while the truth is that all this growth is happening in Poland thanks to the EU.

So I would be very happy to see them leave the EU after their own decision, activating article 50.
I expect their economy to collapse soon after as all those jobs would move back to the EU, probably in places like Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic (sorry Slovakia, you joined the Euro, therefore you are expensive).
This would serve as a great example of why not to leave the EU and additionally it would create jobs and growth in some countries that need them.

To sum up, Poland leaving the EU of its own free will would be excellent news for me personally and something really good for the EU on the long term.
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