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Re: Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should the Swiss bend the knee?

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If we were part of EWR we would have to discuss/agree with the other three EFTA countries - then "speak with one voice" to EU. Then go back and discuss what ever the EU wants/says with the other three again, then ......

On top of that, I have not studied the current EWR agreement but I'm pretty sure it did not get better (from our point of view).

Last but not least, for me it's the same as with EU, I'm not interested to join any clubs of that type. We can talk, we can make contracts if there's a intelligent reason to do so and it would help if EU would stop mixing everything up but we got used to it.

I read Switzerland is the third on the list of business-partners with the EU after China and the US (and apparently they are equally friendly with both as they are with us LOL). So how much do they want to pay us for letting them access our market?

Anyway, we shall not agree on this. You want us in, most of us don't.
But as you dared to say in an earlier post that the Polish should leave the EU and the Greek are "small and obedient" therefore they can stay, let me say something politically incorrect: If the Germans drop out of the EU, I might think about it again
Actually I don't necessarily want you in, but I want to cancel the Bileteral agreements and let you decide if you want to be in or out.
In this case by "in" I mean in the EEA, whereas "out" would mean back to WTO rules.
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