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Re: Acer + InterDiscount = No Respect & No Consumer Rights! Help, please!

To speak the truth my brother told me that there may be some dust on the fan and I just need to clean it. Well, I am ready to do it, but once again, the PC is not mine and I simply don't want to get into any troubles with my landlady simply because I know that afterwards she will say "it was you who broke it!". Anyway, I just want to help her so that ACER & InterDiscount do not fool her every time!!!

With respect to CPU > no, the problem is not with CPU temperature for three reasons:
1 - I was "torturing" that machine by converting videos from one format to another, running lots of programs and the CPU was "crying" of pain, but it never gave up and was working 100% ok!
2 - The crash may happen even when I start the OS. Sometimes I can't even go to the boot menu before the OS starts!! Yesterday, when we just received it, after running less than 10 minutes the PC crashed. Then we rebooted and the PC ran very smoothly for 4-5 hours without any crashes! Then again and again. So, it's definitely not the CPU problem.

The most annoying part of my story is that every time it was our "responsibility" to explain them how to fix the problem! I'm sure that there's nothing serious, simply they are lazy and they don't want to check profoundly the PC by running and testing it few hours, not 5 minutes.

Thank you to everybody who replied to my thread.
Particularly, I would be happy to get any advice on how we should proceed from the point of law, what rights we have and how much can we ask from them.

Thanks again!


P.S. From now on, I will never buy an ACER product and recommend you to do the same!
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