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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Did you ever consider their local MP might not be a member of the Governing party, which gave rise to the issue?
Of course I considered it - but again if not even in the correct parliament they cannot influence events either way now can they ??

"The further away the constituency from the voter" - this makes zero sense, the voter by their very definition is in the constituency. Seriously, get a basic grasp of UK politics before embarassing yourself further.
Heh - do you understand that one can be in the same place - say Clapham and yet be in two constituencies at a single point in time ?? Apparently not so let me help you :

1. Clapham itself is a constituency within the UK parliament.

2. Clapham forms part of the London constituency within the EU parliament.

Now you might have an issue with some nonsense in the EU parliament in Clapham but sorry mate you're shit out of luck cos your "local" MP is responsible for the entirety of London and ain't so local!

I guess the "subtleties" were lost on you yet again...
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