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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

... which is precisely my point. You don't have any real emotional investment in the United Kingdom. It's just one of your countries, along with Switzerland, South Africa, Malaysia and however many other countries to which you boast about having links.

I'm just English, like my dad and his dad and his dad before him. I have no other nationality. If the United Kingdom goes tits up, I'm fecked. If British citizens are expelled from the EU and Switzerland, I'm fecked. The current state and future of the United Kingdom matter to me on a deep level that you can never even begin to understand.

Let's put it this way: it's possible that I may eventually acquire Swiss citizenship. It would be great: I love Switzerland, and would dearly love to spend the rest of my life here. But I'll never be truly Swiss like you, or my neighbours or most of the people in my village are. I'll never have bought a loaf of bread from a mobile Migros shop. I'll never have got a thrill at seeing someone dressed as Globi at a children's party. I'll never have smoked a fag at the Fridolinsfeuer or sung for Samichlaus or played Jass with my comrades in the army. I'll be able to vote, but I'll never be able to tap the heart of Switzerland, because I simply won't be Swiss. I'll always be a Brit who got a Swiss passport - and as such, I'll always have a back door out of central Europe if things get too hot. That option wouldn't be available for Urs and Vreneli next door.

So, no. What happens to the United Kingdom isn't as important to you as it is to me, because I don't have the options and escape routes that you do.

I wouldn't have said any of this, to be honest, but you keep banging on and on about British expats not having to face the consequences of their voting decisions, and suggesting that somehow we're not as invested in our home countries as you - and you're simply wrong. Not just wrong, but wrong and offensive.

You're not a Brit. You never will be. Just as I will never be Swiss.

So stop trying to crack on that you care more about our country than we do.
You've been here as long as me DB, oder? You can surely get a Swiss passport as of January? The other things are just personal perspective in my opinion.

Are people from <insert country x> who make a life in the UK less British than you or I? I don't think so. Certainly, their kids are as British as you or me. I prefer living here to in Britain (as do you) - surely that makes us less British than people who actually want to live there? I would certainly always view myself as a European having lived most of my adult life on the continent. How others view me is their issue I guess.
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