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Re: UPC Sealing a cable connection (plombierung)

Well I was wondering if they don't plug it up then I could still use it for my radio connection. Or would they know that I am using it?

In their letter to me they wrote:

"ab dem Kündigungsdatum die Nutzung den 3 in1 Kabelanschluss von UPC nicht mehr zulässig ist " Translated."you are not allowed to use the plug after the date of quitting it"

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I guess sealing it is not really necessary. You're either a cablecom client or you're not. They don't seal Swisscom homphone sockets when one is not a client of their's either.

So as the landlord took notice of you no longer being a cablecom client and agreed with adjusting the "Nebenkosten" from now on, you're fine.
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