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Re: Divorce in Switzerland or home country?

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yes, but what happens if the country where you are from (and where you got married) does not recognize a divorce sentence from Switzerland (which I'm afraid is the case)? That would mean, for your home country, that you are not divorced there. Is that possible? I called the consulate and they told me that, but they need to double check...
Yes that is possible, I for example divorced 10 years ago in the Netherlands, and Switzerland does not recognise this which is giving me huge problems atm since I cannot even recognise my own kid which I have with my current partner. Also according to Swiss law my EX is the one to inherit my goodies if something would happen to me now since to them I am still married.

However divorce in Switzerland goes through a judge, and there is a treaty with obligates all members to recognise each other court verdicts unless public order/decency is in danger. So what country in the EU does not recognise a Swiss divorce?

And no you can not divorce in a country where none of you is signed in.
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