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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Yeah right. Same old arguments ad infitum. All religions are full of extremist ideology. If there was such a huge threat from ex ISIS fighters why are there not many more regular attacks on our society? Most of the attacks have been committed by radicalised individuals or small groups that have never even been to the M.E. Maybe you should blame Tim Berners-Lee for facilitating the mechanisms to spread extremism.

Also you go lumping all Muslims under the same old tired extremist label, when its obviously not the case.

I understand the dislike of religion, and the arguments against religion in general, being an Atheist myself. What I cant understand is your fear and hatred, it makes you equally as extreme as the people you try to oppose.
Not all religions kill and harm people in the name of their religion on such a regular basis.
Intelligence agencies are arresting terror cells all the time and are the thin line preventing more regular attacks.
I fear and hate any ideology whose ambition is to control me under its twisted ideas.

Btw, itís you who mentioned Muslims, not me.
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