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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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The whole of Islam is the question here, and you lump it all together. Of course there are small numbers of extremists, who want to harm secular western society and they are backwards. The point is you are lumping the whole religion as one big conspiratorial thing plotting the demise of Western civilisation. Which is neither helpful nor true.

Also if you viewed every single police intervention as something other then political propaganda to facilitate more surveillance on our society then good for you. I am sure they do stop the odd attack, they often arrest the wrong people, and quite often they fail entirely and something tragic happens. Just don't think they are as successful as they make out, its more likely that the threat is less than we are being led to believe.

What? Sorry? Whats this thread about? Were you talking about penguins? That has to be the dumbest response you've ever had, and btw, thats not saying much.
If you can't distinguish Islam from Muslims then there's no helping you.

Critiquing Islam should be done as strongly and as harshly as possible. Individual Muslims however should be judged on their actions and words.
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