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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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And DB all religions claim to be the one true religion. I get more Christian God botherers at my door then I do Islamic ones, actually I have never had an Islamic one, but that is beside the point. As you are obviously a Scholar in all things Islam! I have barely read the Bible so I can't really claim to know anything.
Your reply is a non sequitur. We're not talking about "all religions claiming to be the one true one" (which is a false assertion, anyway). We're talking about your insistence that the whole point of Islam isn't to bring down "Western civilisation", when, indeed, that's the exact whole point.

Since you want to compare Islam to Christianity, let's look at the founders: Mohammed established an Islamic state. Jesus was killed by the state. The consequence? A Christian state is a heretical notion, whereas an Islamic state is entirely in keeping with the intentions and actions of Mohammed. Christians were instructed to go out and tell everyone the Good News (hence the god-botherers on your doorstep), but they were not instructed to go and set up an actual state like Mohammed actually did in his actual own lifetime. Christians are supposed to wait for Jesus to organise that when He returns.

In the quote that Marton pilfered from somewhere off the internet, it says:

"Islam has undertaken the responsibility of cultural construction, the building of the order of life"

Do you understand what that means? It means that Islam is all about building an entirely new culture, an entirely new order. It always was. That's what Mohammed's entire mission was about. That's what the Arab conquest of North Africa and Persia and the Levant was all about. It wasn't about preserving the old ways - it was about destroying the old ways and replacing them with something new.

Now, whether the "something new" is a good thing or not is an entirely different argument (hint: a thousand years ago, it generally was. Nowadays, not so much). Whether most Muslims are engaged in the struggle to establish "something new" across the world is also a different argument (hint: they're not). But to deny that the entire bleedin point of Islam isn't to take over the world and establish a new Islamic order suggests that you learnt everything you know about Islam from a quick guide in a sidebar of the Guardian.
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