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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I never took DB to be a fear monger. But, hey ho. The teachings of most old books are usually not applicable in the modern world and while I am not going to defend or denounce any particular religion, I think you'll find that the majority of people are not that literal about the teachings contained. However you will find an orthodox, fundamental and devout proportion that will take the teachings literally. These beliefs are not confined to the Quran, but are found in all religious texts. A whopping example is the American Conservative Right that repeatedly refers to parts of the Bible to counter giving equal rights to LGBTQ people. These are supposed to be modern educated people living in a Western society. My point is DB that even if the Quran has bits in it about creating a global Caliphate, and having the world follow the teachings of Mohammed and Islam (you could post the exact exerts of the texts here, although I am not that interested.) The majority of Muslims just want to worship for themselves and are not on a mission to create a global Caliphate. Now I won't say I personally agree with most teachings of most religions, I am an Atheist, I have a background in Science, but I am not going to be as extreme as Dawkins who sits at the other end of the spectrum. Its a world where some people need to believe in something more then others to give meaning and purpose to existence. Islam is just one of those mechanisms. The majority are not out on the streets of Pakistan burning American flags, nor are they plotting to overthrow the West with Islamic culture. Its a minority that stoke fear and resentment and that is applicable on both sides of the debate.
Reading comprehension skills 0/10

Never mind. At least ignorance has a cure.
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